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About the Smart Work Network

Flexibility.co.uk has over the past three years held a series of highly successful seminars focusing on various aspects of flexible working. The seminars have been very practical in focus, and this approach has been well received. We feel the world has moved beyond the ‘general principles’ which are often the focus of other events and there is a real hunger for hard information and sharing knowledge.

Following our first two seminars in 2007 – Managing the Anywhere Team at Reuters and Honey I Shrunk the Office at the RSA – we floated the idea with participants of setting up a Practitioners Network - now called the Smart Work Network. This idea was enthusiastically received, and so the Network was launched at Reuters in September 07.

The basic concept for the Smart Work Network is as follows:

  • It is a network of people actively involved in developing flexible work in their companies
  • The aim is to share information and experience, solve problems, etc
  • It is primarily for people setting up flexible work in organisations, rather than consultants and vendors, etc
  • However, relevant experts and vendors may be invited to some meetings to share experience, though not to give sales pitch
  • The network would have about 6 meetings per year – shorter than the Flexibility seminars and focusing on one or two issues, plus open session for knowledge exchange, etc
  • There would also be a virtual aspect to the network, with practitioners having access to secure web area linked to Flexibility website with discussion forum, special articles, etc
  • There would be regular email mailings to members
  • It would be free to members to attend meetings and to access the online resources.

What kind of topics will the Network look at?

To a large extent the subjects the Flexibility Network will cover will be decided by the membership - it's whatever interests you. But we expect it to break down pretty much like this:

  • Sharing good - and maybe not-so-good - practice
  • Policies for flexible working
  • Facilities issues
  • What technologies are being used and piloted, looking candidly at what works
  • Management issues
  • Working with flexible teams.

And we hope that members will raise topics and provide their own Q&As via the Discussion Forum, as well as contributing articles or noted for us to write up.

And we will be featuring galleries of flexible working environments, too

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 The Smart Work Network is run by Flexibility.co.uk - free online resources for new ways of working 
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